Monday, January 28, 2008

"Tragic" Death?

Regarding the recent deaths of Heath Ledger and Gordon B Hinckley I have heard the terms "tragic" used. Maybe I'm just nuts, but I just don't think that the term "tragic" is appropriate when referring to either of these deaths.

First, it appears that Heath Ledger was abusing drugs and alcohol, so what makes his death "tragic"? The fact that he left a child behind is very saddening, but it's more tragic that the child's father cared so little.

Second, President Hinckley lived a long and happy life. He was able to say goodbye to all of his family, and he has now moved onto a MUCH better place, so what's "tragic" about his death?

Maybe I am just crazy, but I hope that when I die that people are happy and celebrate my life. I'd rather people spend money on throwing a big party and remember the good times they had with me, than throwing away money on flowers, fancy decorations, and a stupid box that is just gonna be buried in the ground. But maybe I'm just weird


Brad said...

I was shocked and dismayed when I first heard Pres. Hinckley had died, but only for an instant. I realized that wanting him to stay was just selfishness on my part. My sister also mentioned that he must have had a great reunion with his wife, and that immediately removed all traces of sadness I had left. Who can't be happy for him now?

Dave Johansen said...

My thoughts exactly.

Emily Blais said...

I could not agree more. Yes, it is tragic that the church and this world has lost such a wonderful man, but his death... not tragic at all. I am so happy for him now. And as for that other loser Heath... well, thats just what you get. More selfish than anything else.

Bryce said...

Thank heavens for Heath Ledger dying. . . Christina always wanted to see his movies and I caught her several times panting when he would take his shirt off in this movie or in that movies. . . as for the second death --- not tragic, but it was just time.

Christina said...

Thanks, Bryce. You never fail to make me look like an idiot.