Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas and New Years

I know that Jenni already talked about this on her blog, but I just wanted to add the links to all of the pictures that we took. You can check out the pictures from everything we did in Sacramento in this Picasa Web Album or the two Facebook photo albums (the first one and the second one). You can also check out the pictures from Ensenada, Mexico in this Picasa Web Album or in this Facebook photo album.

We had a lot of fun spending time with family and catching up with old friends. The whole mountain/camping things was a lot of work but was a lot of fun (as you can tell from the chainsaw picture), and Jenni picked up some Mexican Jumping Beans that were definitely a hit. Basically, it was a really enjoyable and much needed break. The only bad part about it is that had to end and we had to go back to work today.