Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hi I am Dave

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's a boy!

Jenni and I went to the doctor for her ultrasound and we found out that our little baby is a boy (I had been saying that I thought it was a girl, but Jenni got it right). We're both really excited and we went out and bought some clothes for the little guy, but you'll have to wait for Jenni to post about all of that (which I'm sure she'll do as soon as she gets a chance). But the doctor said that he's about 6 ounces and that everything looks great.

The top left photo is how we know he's a boy. You can tell because "the twig" is on the left and "the berries" are on the right. It's pretty tough to tell what's really going on in that picture, but we'll take the doctor's word for it. The top right photo is his foot. I'd guess the right foot, but that's just a complete guess and it probably doesn't matter. The bottom two photos are shot of him "smiling". The one on the left is just the original shot and the one on the right is one that I labeled to try and help people tell what they were actually looking at.

We were also lucky enough to be able to get a video of part of the ultrasound (I guess you could say that this is our very first home video of The Johansen Family) and fortunate enough that Lynn (Jenni's mom for those not in the know) let us use her DVD recorder to digitize the VHS tape. Unfortunately, there's no audio, so I went through and overcompensated by adding a cheesy newspaper theme to the video. Hopefully, it makes the video a little easier to watch and helps people understand what's going on, but you can check out the video on YouTube, on Google Video, or you can just watch it in the embedded player below.

If you're interested, you can also download the original version of the video that I uploaded to YouTube and Google Video here:
Original Version (26 MB)
Medium Version (14.5 MB)
Small Version (2.9 MB)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Or at least as much as it can here in Tucson. So there's no snow, or sleighs, or jingle bells, but people do put little chili pepper lights on cacti. But as I stated previously, I actually don't mind the lack of snow and cold.

But onto the real story. Today and yesterday, Jenni and I spent some time putting up Christmas lights on our house. We started out trying to use these little plastic clip things that we got at Target for a couple bucks, but I decided that it was worth taking the time to just use metal hooks like Jenni had originally suggested. It was a pretty big pain, but I think it will make this whole process a LOT easier next year (or at least I hope so).

Also, as you can see it was a "very cold" 60 degrees outside, so I had a jacket on.