Thursday, June 21, 2007

Comments, Comments, Everywhere

Comments are the true life blood of blogging, so here's a little tip to make the comments on your blog a little more accessible to the visitors.

1) Go to the Layout of your blog
2) Click the "Add a Page Element" link
3) Click the "Add to Blog" button under the Feed part of the window that popped up
4) Add "" as the Feed URL (where YOURBLOG is replaced with the name of your blog and you don't need the quotes)
5) Then change the title to something like "Recent Comments"
6) Then you can select the number of comments to show (sadly it will only show 5, but I'll see if I can figure out how to up that number)
7) If you want it to show when the comment was made, then check the "Item dates" box
8) If you want it to show who made the comment, then check the "Item sources/authors" box
9) Click the "Save Changes" button
10) Finally, move the new page element to where you want it on the page

Now, people can see the most recent comments that have been made on your blog (even if it was on a really old post that isn't on the main page anymore), and it should make your blog all the more inviting and fun to visit.