Monday, June 25, 2007

Be sure to check your tires

On Saturday, Mark and I were working on our cars and Mark noticed that my back tire was low on air and told me that I needed to get that fixed. So this morning I went with the quick fix and put a can of fix-a-flat in it before starting my drive to work. When I got on the freeway, it started making a funny noise and I pulled over at a gas station to check it out. I started putting air in it and noticed that there was a pretty big crack in the tire. As I was debating if I should just take the tire off and drive with the spare to work, the tire exploded. Luckily, it blew out the backside of the tire and all that happened was that I got a little dirt in my eye and a headache/neckache from the noise and pressure, but it definitely wasn't the best way to start off my week.
So the morale of this story is that everyone should make sure to check their tires on a regular basis and if you're tires look bad, then get them changed right away, because you might not end up as lucky as I was.


Jenni said...

aww, sad! I am not gonna lie, I am glad it was Patrick with you instead of me. I am sure he was much more helpful.

Anonymous said...

Geez Dave, thanks for scaring me. Now I'm never going near a tire again!

Dave Johansen said...

I know what you mean. I spent the rest of that day just thinking about all of those stories I had seen on 20/20 were tires blew up and killed/maimed people.