Sunday, July 13, 2008

Living the high life

During the week of the 4th of July, we took a trip to LA to show off Charlie and check out some of the sites. We went to a Dodger game (Facebook, PWA, YouTube), saw Wicked (which I enjoyed finally being able to see after hearing about it for so long), introduced Charlie to his extended family on Jenni's side (Facebook, PWA), went swimming at Kenny's with Aunt Judy and Chad (Facebook, PWA), saw the Bodies exhibit at the California Science Center (Facebook, PWA), went wakeboarding at Lake Arrowhead (Facebook, PWA), and hung out at Jenni's old stomping grounds (Facebook, PWA).

We learned a few things (listed in no particular order):
  • Always make sure you are getting on the right bus (we end running just over a mile and barely making it to Wicked just before it started)
  • 2 months old don't love the beach as much as adults
  • Strollers and sand don't really mix (carrying a stroller, diaper bag, beach bag, and fussy baby across the hot sand wasn't the ideal way we had imagined the time at the beach ending)
  • Be sure to know all the rules on a private lake (like driving counter clockwise in Lake Arrowhead so the Police boat doesn't pull you over)

But we had TONS of fun and Jenni did a GREAT job of making sure we had lots of fun things to do and never wasted any of the precious vacation days. We also owe a HUGE thanks to Jenni's grandparents and Kenny and Kristy for the help with Charlie and for letting us crash at their place.